My Signature Looks

How did you come up with the name My Signature Looks? Well I’m going to keep it very brief, because there are some important elements that lead up on how I came up with the name. But my loyal customers would always compliment me on my make up, lashes,  hair, my signature curls, my over all look. I was really in a place of soul searching and just in a world creating my Identity! The things I liked! So I called my friend Izzy and asked her how did she feel about the name Signature looks. She liked it but the name was already taken. So I called her back and told her it was taken. And we was on the phone just brainstorming calling out certain words. And she said you should call it My Signature Looks. And at first i didnt like it because i felt like everyone would think im talking about me. In reality, everyone has there own style or a look that they want to try. and i kept saying the name over and over again and i quickly jumped on it.   What or who inspired you to start a business? I have always said as a little girl if I wasn’t a pop star ( mind you i can’t sing lol) I would want to be a business woman. I started doing hair when I was 12 years old. My cousin ( R.I.P) would always pay me $20 and buy me some Wendy’s if I did her hair. So i was like bet. Food and $20! You cant beat that at 12! So that where it started. Who motivates you to go hard? My children! Most importantly my daughter! That’s when my passion really kicked in once I had her. It was set in stone! Like it’s either now or never. It was really looking in the mirror. What change for you after you had her? Just my out look on life, who I wanted to be. Before I got pregnant with her, I was really in a dark space. I wanted to commit suicide. I was depress, felt trapped, I felt like I couldn’t freely be me. Got tired of my environment family friends and relationship. Over all just my behavior and the line of hurt in my life. But you can go on YouTude and see how I over came that story. What gives you the drive to go hard? Man, God and my family. God never gave up me. And my children who always was there for me. Even if it was a hug or a smile. A simple I love you, that pushed me! That lives forever in me. Do you ever feel like giving up? Man what? All the time. But its just frustration. If frustration doesn’t challenge you, what will drive you. I appreciate those moments because it makes you realize what you really want out of life. What are some challenges you’ve faced that were big in your life? Looking in the mirror and facing me. I’m the only girl of  3 older brothers. So growing up I felt like no body could tell me nothing. I’m always right. A part of me felt like a boy ( lol). Like I can do what I want, when I want. Like I had everything figured out. Until God sat me down. And showed me reality. What is some of your favorite textures from MSL? I love them all! I don’t just stick to one style. I have plenty of looks and I’m really having fun with all of the textures. Every texture has its season with me. Being a mother preparation and timing is a must. So I definitely work out my looks base on my moods or feelings. Honestly my kids gives there inputs too . What advice would you give to others who want to create there own business? Put God first in everything, build a relationship with him. Find a good church ( if you need understanding , it helps ( shout to Jesus People Ministry), know who you are, be who you are, write, google, research, read! Books are your best friends and be fearless. Where do you see My Signature Looks in 10 years? I see amazing things. HOUSEHOLD NAME! A few store locations. That’s going to be doing extremely well!  My Signature Looks is going to be HUGE!! What’s in store for the future? I actually want to start a sorority, like a big sister program for young girls, elementary school to grown woman Called Determined Overacheievers Living Life and a Nonprofit organinzation called Onpurpose for woman, men and children. I’m working on a few projects. I think its so important for every person should know who they are, as they are developing and growing into the things they want to accomplish! Confidence is key. Being wise, building character, knowing who you are, being a leader, being a woman, being strong, be a lady at all times and being your purest self. That’s what it’s all about! Is there anything else you want to say, Final words? You are only as big as you think you are! Its never to late to become who you want to be. Dream big and never give up!      

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