I am Beautiful

What makes you beautiful? What makes you feel beautiful? What makes you believe that you are beautiful? Beautiful means pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. A very high standard; excellent. Aesthetically means in a way that gives pleasure through beauty. How you see yourself is what you believe. How you speak to self should always be uplifting. How you treat yourself should always be a high quality of standard that you create for self. No one has to tell you that you are beautiful. You have to have assurance within yourself, that no matter what obstacles you face each day that you are still beautiful. Often times you may value the opinion of others how they precede you but who cares what they think! You are unexplainably beautiful. So walk in boldness, be confident and know without a shadow of a doubt that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I am beautiful because I create what makes me beautiful. Hash tag #Iammysignaturelooks and share your beautiful photos using My Signature Looks products. Tell us what makes you beautiful! Ecclesiastes 11:1

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