What’s the point of having a husband if he is not submissive?

Would you agree that most woman give wifely duties before they are married? A lot of failing marriages have single women in a uproar about submitting. In today’s world people look at submitting as a since of control. Control means the power to influence or direct peoples behavior or the course of events. Now that we can comprehend what control means, I wonder if a man can really have the power to control a woman?

It’s too early to answer that question, without a clear understanding of what the word submit means. To accept yielding to a superior force and the authority or will of another person. To present a proposal, application, or other document to a person and body for consideration of judgment. So that means a women would have to accept yeilding to a man’s authority and a man can only have power to influence a womans’ behavior? Unless she give him that power too, Right?

Wow, look how the question asked can change its meaning when you comprehend what the words truyly means. So Why do woman have to submit to there husbands, if he doesn’t submit to his wife? Well if you want to stay married long, hopefully you both are submitting yourself to one another. But let’s take it back to the begninning, dating! When a guy ask you out on a date, do you accept or do you deny the offer?

If you say yes wouldn’t you be giving him authority to take you out? What about when he wants to become monogamous? Do you accept or do you deny? What about when he wants propose to you? Do you accept or do you deny? The question at hand is who are you saying yes too? What demands are you submiting too?

Once you say yes there is no backing down. Your in it for the long run! Whatever covenant you made, hopefully God was in the center. And ladies dont lose yourself thinking you can control your husband. You might end up losing your marriage. Face your mirror, see every situation through.

Seek wise counsel. Be a good wife, dont’ worry about what he is doing. Stay focus on you and the promise that you made to God. Even through the storm, be confident, keep pressing forward, calm down, relax and just breath. It is safe to say, that the woman who can keep the peace and nods meekly knows more than she speaks.

Know how to treat your significant other without making them feel less important in your marriage. Who you are in your marriage should never change. It should only get better with time. Your duties does not change just because you are in the mist of a storm. Continue to do your part with joy and delight.

Of course marriage is not easy. Marry someone who is worth it. Know who your giving your power too. As long as you know the man you married wont use your power against you, you’ll be fine. Mistakes are to be made and lessons are to be learned. Contiune to be loving and be prudent wife.

I’ll leave you with these quotes

Jay Z: She’s right back’ to being my soldier, ‘ cause mami’s a rider and im a roller, Put us together — how they gon stop both us? Whatever she lacks, i’m right over her shoulder, when i’m off track, mami is keepin’ me focused.

Beyonce: Ran by the men, but the women keep the tempo, it’s very seldom that you’re blessed to find your equals, still play my part and let you take the lead role, believe me, ill follow, this could be easy, ill be the help, whenever you need me ( you need me) I see your hustle with my hustle, i can keep you, Focused on your focus, I can feed you.

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